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commented 2018-04-21 16:04:50 +0100
Dear candidates,

I am contacting all the election candidates in Eastleigh on behalf of Hampshire Equality Group

The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world. Evidence shows this leads to much worse health and social outcomes across a broad range of indicators. It also undermines trust and social cohesion and damages family and community life.

Our local group is affiliated to The Equality Trust which campaigns for changes that will have a significant impact on reducing inequality. The Trust advocates a range of policies and actions at different levels. The ‘Fairness Four’ are the Trust’s top priorities for implementation by local councils:

1 Evaluate the likely impact of council policies on socio-economic inequality*

2 Pay all directly contracted staff the real Living Wage (as set by the Living Wage Foundation)

3 Ensure all council contractors are required to pay staff the real Living Wage

4 Publish a plan to reduce the pay ratio between the CEO and the lowest-paid directly employed council worker

  • As per the Socio-economic Duty, section 1 of the Equality Act 2010. This was, regrettably, not brought into force by central government but many local councils are taking action on this. The Equality Trust and Just Fair are lobbying the Government to bring the duty into force.

Will you pledge that, if elected, you will work towards the Council implementing these four policies?

Hampshire Equality Group will publish the names of all candidates who accept this pledge, and any other responses from candidates, on our website.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Andrew Mason
commented 2017-12-05 09:33:40 +0000
Good Morning

I am hoping you may be able to help me out here ? I am a funeral director based in Eastleigh corner of Derby road and High street , I have had nothing but trouble with the students from local colleges , They congregate outside my office spitting swearing and just generally being a nuisance , I have reported this to both colleges on a couple of occasions , all of a sudden a few weeks ago they decide they want to bang my window as they go past , Yesterday was the last straw as it wasn’t just the normal bang it was an almighty thud as if someone had thrown a brick at the window , it seems to be the Asian/Indian students doing this , I had a family in my chapel of rest at the time and this caused them even more distress , I contacted Hampshire police and made a complaint , Lady on phone assured me that a local beat officer would contact me and see what could be done about this , about an hour later I receive an email from the lady from Hampshire police saying it had been reported and at this time nothing can be done about this , I think this is absolutely disgusting , The police force just dont seem to care about the community , weeks ago we had a guy in middle of road stopping cars and trying to get in them , I called 999 as people were frightened , not once did a police officer turn up at the scene , I did make a complaint and they said they arrived in area about 20 mins later , also going back to my original complaint a week or so ago a little frail old lady was trying to walk down the pavement and not one of these students would move for her , she had to walk in the road to pass them , something really needs doing about this and soon to be honest , I am at my wits end with these students and am afraid if the police or colleges don’t do anything about this terrible behavior then I will take the law into my own hands , I am considering going to the local press with these complaints also

Kind Regards

Robert Shipp
commented 2017-08-01 21:25:31 +0100
I have almost sorted my “account” here I think
commented 2017-08-01 20:49:13 +0100
Cannot log in to Eastleigh CLP at all and will not send a password! Also at one point said hello Betty Lou Browne instead of Betty Layland
commented 2017-06-10 14:42:31 +0100




commented 2017-05-31 15:10:49 +0100
couple of posters please – 2 old 2 be of any use (I am – Dr Seuss) otherwise – have limited IT skills
commented 2017-05-23 19:34:34 +0100

a few weeks ago I’d been working on a temp contract for an agency ( ) at a recycling centre (Biffa,  Eastleigh).

I’m an unemployed graduate who’d once worked in publishing, but had leave work due to illness.

I was told before starting the assignment  (a zero hour contract) it would be an hourly rate of pay at the minimum wage (7.20) and I’d be sifting through paper and plastic, but occasionally you’d find an odd black bag and it would get  a little smelly.

First day I’d met the other agency staff who were all Polish, hardly spoke a word of English, but were very friendly and welcoming.  I was given, gloves, glasses, a uniform and a health and safety talk. The supervisor asked me what the agency had said about the rubbish on the conveyor belt, which presumably got sent to a landfill or incinerator after we’d sorted it. I’d said they sometimes got general waste, but they’d all just laughed at me.

They worked hard and I worked hard, and I could tell they were impressed as I was the only other English person working there. The English guy said he wasn’t really happy that no one spoke English and that the job itself was disgusting, but he was just doing it to get out the house.

After my hand swelled up, I ‘d considered whether to quit, but didn’t want to let people down, or play into the stereotype that the English were workshy, plus I needed the money.

Unfortunately, the second shift made up my mind for me. For almost 4 hours we had to stop work and observe rafts of general waste, including nappies, rotting food crawling with maggots and god knows what.

I let the agency know the next day that I was quitting because I thought it was unsanitary and the rotting meat probably had diseases, and therefore felt it was unsafe they should speak to Biffa. The response I’d received from the agency was that they’d warned me it was smelly work but everyone there was happy.  I’d checked Biffa’s guidelines and does state that foodstuffs and general waste was not acceptable among the recyclables

I’d recently seen a TV Corbyn giving a press talk in which he specifically stated that he wanted to improve the working conditions for employees and to stop employers from exploiting/hiring migrant workers from outside the country (I voted remain). I’ve never heard Theresa May discuss this issue or employers exploiting workers in any of her press releases

Kind regards,

posted about this on Facebook 2016-07-13 11:28:07 +0100
@maewboran tweeted link to this page. 2016-07-13 11:28:03 +0100
commented 2016-07-13 11:26:29 +0100
I have been a Labour supporter for many years, however I actually joined the Labour Party in March of this year, as a direct result of the election of Jeremy Corbin as party leader. I have admired his passion and his openness and honesty. I still support him 100% even though the top echelons of the party want to get rid of him.

As pleased as I was to hear yesterday that he will be able to stand for re-election for his job, I was stunned to also read that anyone who joined less than six months ago will now have to pay £25 for the the pleasure of voting for our next leader.

What on earth has happened to this party? I see two very serious issues with this…

1. Are we not supposed to be the party of the people? Are we not supposed to support the low paid and the poor? So why are we suddenly making it almost impossible for this class of people, which includes myself as a disabled person on benefits, for them to be able to afford to make their vote? I see this as outright discrimination and surely this cannot be legal.

2. With Labour party membership having increased massively since Jeremy Corbin became leader, it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to work out that the likelihood is that most of these new members are supporters of his. This is absolutely stinks of vote rigging, a backdoor way of stopping Jeremy Corbin from winning the leadership election.

commented 2016-06-28 11:02:57 +0100

I am appalled that so many Labour supporters are blaming Jeremy Corbyn for losing the referendum. Isn’t this supposed to be a free country? The referendum asked us for an honest opinion, did we support the EU membership , not did we support Labour. I voted Leave because that is what I believed was right and nothing and nobody was going to tell me what to do. And to suggest that Labour members throughout the country did not understand the Labour parties view on this is nothing but an insult to their intelligence. How could they not know after 3 months of being bombarded on the subject from all sides.

Jeremy Corbyn may or not be the right leader of the Labour party, but he won his election fairly in what we all thought was a democracy. The labour deserters should have accepted that as they should now accept that we are out of the EU, and if they can’t do that then the party is better off without them.
commented 2016-06-27 19:38:58 +0100
I am beyond tired of the scant support of Jeremy Corbin offered by so many in the official Labour Party. JC was chosen to lead the party by so many precisely because he was different (and by that I mean he represented ordinary folk NOT his own interest). His interest in the electorates worries and cares and his regular communication with us was a breath of fresh air. Can you clarify Eastleigh’s position on him please? Because as he said today the nation is tearing its self apart and I for one do not see how the shadow cabinet committing suicide is going to help anyone!
commented 2015-04-03 20:04:24 +0100
I am moving into the constituency in the near future. I expect to be resident in time for the general election and have already registered to vote. I am a Labour party member and was a Labour councillor on Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council in Kent for 15 years.
commented 2015-04-01 17:42:36 +0100
Request a Labour Poster for my window please.
commented 2014-09-29 17:45:59 +0100
My name Is Kenneth Green I am the Managing Director of a new company called Justgoodmuzic in Bitterne, we are research and development company, developing new Audio sound technology and Power solutions. Over the past three years, we have been working on a concept on how to make electric more manageable, we are proud to say that the prototype, is now finished. We have successfully produce an Portable Sound Systems, that can run off an 10amp single fused plug, it has built in cameras in the speakers for streaming capabilities, recording studio, edited suite and other features, In other words it is the Worlds Biggest Ipod as it has the same capabilities as one! The next concept that we are working on is the power system that will able us to power the system for 100 hours. With this in mind, we will try and successfully do a world record attempt in Southampton.

The sound output is 30 thousands kilowatt of power. The question is, how is able? We have the answer11

I would like to talk to someone and even demonstrate who how might be interested in us, and our future concept, especially as our power system concept can be used in other product.

At the moment we are working at home, trying to get our concept noticed, but to no avail, getting notice is hard, as nobody can believe of we have achieved or heard of us. We have also design an street lighting concept for an big electric company, which we have paperwork to prove for credibility. If you do have the time to read this email, if there is one thing that I ask, that you contact us or come and see what we have achieved. Don’t let this opportunity be missed.

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