Meet the Candidates

Due to recent boundary changes, all Eastleigh Borough Council seats and some Parish Council seats are up for election this year. Eastleigh Labour Party has candidates for all of these seats and you can find their statements here.


I have lived in Bishopstoke for the past fifteen years. Working most of my career in social care, I am well aware of the challenges that the current situation within health and social care presents at current time. Bringing up a family over the past few years, I understand the pressures that families are under, from trying to get the kids to school on time, battling through the traffic in rush hour, through to juggling a balance in spending time at work, doing chores, and enjoying your families.

Having elderly family members, I'm also aware of the concerns around accessing community facilities, both social and essential services such as medical facilities. The lessening of public transport and the reliance on friends, family and the voluntary to read more.

I’ve lived in Bishopstoke for many years, and since retiring have taken an increasingly active part in our village community. I was a Bishopstoke Parish Councillor (with a particular interest in Planning) between 2008 and 2016. I'm passionately opposed to the Liberal Democrats' proposals for Bishopstoke (options B and C) contained in Eastleigh Borough Council's draft Local Plan and supported by all three of Bishopstoke's Liberal Democrat councillors.

Housing : The Liberal Democrat council failed to produce an acceptable Local Plan back in 2011. This has led to the creation of another draft plan, ticking all the Tory Government's boxes. So what have we ended up with? to read more.

Sue Toher



My name is Andrew Helps and I am the Labour Party candidate for Botley. I have been a member of the Labour Party since 2010 and have lived in Hedge End for the last 24 Years. Six months ago I moved to Botley with my Partner into our first home. I am standing for Eastleigh Borough Council because I always have wanted to help others and I believe that everyone should be treated equally. Since moving into the Botley area we have had tremendous amounts of major roadworks like the Sundays Hill bypass and Maypole Roundabout redesign.

As a member of the Labour Party I have stood for election in my previous ward Hedge End Wildern. While living in Wildern I have supported the community with minor road repairs chasing the to read more.

Socialist, trade union rep with UNISON and a Labour Party member for just over two years, I’ve been lucky enough to live almost my whole life in Botley.

We live in a world where the 42 wealthiest people own as much as the 3.7 billion poorest and an economic system prevails that threatens to make the planet uninhabitable, because those currently with power are unable and unwilling to imagine doing things any differently.

In Britain, the Conservative government continues to hand out gifts to the richest whilst the ship sinks, making the working class majority pay for the economic crisis. Their mission is to destroy the welfare state and re-establish a Victorian balance of power between the wealthy and the to read more.

Bursledon & Hound North


I moved to the area in 1973 where my two children attended school and I taught at a local college for 25 years.  While there I joined NATFHE, the union for lecturers, and became a union rep.

I was raised in the North East in a mining community  with a strong affiliation to the Labour Party and the TU movement and it was here that I learned the true Labour values of justice and fairness for all. I have been a life-long Labour voter and joined the party after Jeremy Corbyn’s election in 2015.

I want to see justice and fairness in the Eastleigh area where to read more.

Chandlers Ford

Gillian Connell


Jennifer Prior


Eastleigh Central

Hi there,

I am a 21-year-old student studying for an MA in History at Reading University, I work part-time at the local cinema in Eastleigh. I have always been political, first finding an interest during the great recession of 2008. I remember looking at the historical examples of economic crises and wanting to learn why this would happen and what could be done to better solve the crisis. I voted for Labour in my first General election in 2015, and that same night joined the party itself. Previously I had been a Lib-Dem supporter and voter but seeing how they enabled the Tories during the Coalition I lost all faith in their ability to pose a serious counter to Tory austerity; an economic philosophy that is fundamentally flawed and seriously outdated. Since then I have become more and more involved in The Labour to read more.

I have lived and worked in central Eastleigh for the last 14 years. I live with my long term partner and we have four adult children between us. I was a single parent for a number of years when my children were younger and experienced the difficulties of living on a limited income with a lack of affordable housing and childcare.   Since moving to Eastleigh I have worked full time in a customer facing role in one of the local banks where I am also a Unite Workplace Representative. I first studied economics and politics at A level locally in the late 70s and in so doing started to become aware of the inequalities and injustices that exist within our society and the detrimental effect that this can have on our life chances. I have been a socialist and a Labour to read more.  


I live on the border of Eastleigh with my wife and our six children. Our older children were educated at Barton Peveril College then in Southampton Uni and the younger ones are in primary and secondary schools. I am a supporter of Eastleigh Football Club and Southampton FC where my son is a season ticket holder. My interest in local football goes back to 1999 when I was proud to sponsor Bishopstoke football team.

My first connection with Eastleigh and the surrounding area started in 1998 when I opened an Indian fast food business (The Mystery in Fair Oak), and recently I’ve opened a new restaurant Steak and Spice in Leigh Road. My family and I have been in the fast food industry at various times since to read more.  

Eastleigh North

I have lived and worked in Eastleigh for 45 years. My husband’s family have been here for over 60 years. Our children attended local schools.

I have been a Labour supporter and voter ever since I was at an age to vote. To me, there is only one political party that cares for its people and that is the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

  • I was involved in the refurbishment of old Victorian properties in Central Eastleigh.
  • I petitioned local residents to have traffic lights at a very busy junction - we were successful, making it easier and safer to cross the road.
  • I campaigned to stop the closure of the John Darling Mall respite to read more.

Kathy O'Neill


Steve Phillips


Eastleigh South

In 1998, I moved into temporary accommodation in Eastleigh.
At 17 years old, I attended Eastleigh College and completed an Advanced GNVQ in Art & Design.

After a year, I was housed in Velmore, during which time, via wonderful support from Labour’s New Deal scheme, and the staff at Eastleigh Job centre, I began working for Southampton City Youth Service, where I became a qualified youth worker and was subsequently employed as Editor of the youth magazine ‘Hype’, and supervisor to the New Deal team.
I worked in the city for 4 years before becoming a parent, and was housed on the Nightingale estate in 2005.

When my daughter started school, I returned to study, graduating with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Art, at Winchester School of Art to read more.

Pete Luffman


I am a local resident of Eastleigh working in IT. I graduated from Southampton University, and Eastleigh is the place I want to build my future and family.

Local government is under immense pressure at the moment with cuts to funding and increased demand for services. To solve these problems we need innovative solutions and a new way of thinking.

I am standing as councillor in Eastleigh South because I believe that the Labour Party can deliver those solutions. People require decent and affordable housing that is built to a high standard, in the right place, with sensibly planned infrastructure to complement this. We need to reduce outsourcing and invest in the people of Eastleigh at every opportunity, and consider how new technologies can be implemented to the benefit to read more.

Fair Oak & Horton Heath


The current crisis in housing, education, health and pollution are part of a wider crisis in a capitalist system where wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few by the exploitation of the many. I believe the solution is not nationalism and scapegoating of different sections of our community but a fair redistribution of wealth with essential services like energy, transport and housing put into democratic public ownership.

The only way to do this is with a political party run and financed by its members rather than big business. With over half a million members, to read more.


I have worked in the public and voluntary sector for more than 10 years and have seen first-hand the devastating impact of austerity on our public services. I am passionate about protecting the vulnerable in society and standing up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves. As a worker and as a person I have consistently highlighted inequality and offered support and advice to those that need it.

I am an active member of Unison the Public Sector Union and have been involved in various campaigns such as fighting public sector cuts, Stand Up To Racism and highlighting the impact of gender based violence. I am a member of the Regional Women’s Committee and have spoken at national to read more.

I have lived in Fair Oak for the best part of fifty years. I have struggled with the traffic all that time, and despaired as more and more houses have been built, without any improvements to the infrastructure.

The building of 350 houses recently on a site with inadequate drainage and sewage systems has caused disruption to existing residents, and damage to the ancient woodland of Stoke Park Woods. Planning permissions have been granted for 2000 houses recently, but there are no plans to improve access to Eastleigh, Southampton or Winchester.

I am opposed to Eastleigh to read more.

Hamble & Netley


I have lived in Netley Abbey for 43 years. In previous years, when work commitments allowed, I tried to make a contribution to the life of our community, by, for example, volunteering for the (now defunct) Hound Good Neighbours Group. As I head towards retirement I am looking to contribute again, and believe that one of the ways I can make a difference is by challenging the unhealthy dominance of the Liberal Democrats on our local councils, standing as a Labour candidate. The council undoubtedly achieved good things for Eastleigh in its early years, but is now complacent and out of touch with local needs and opinions. The Lib Dems claim credit for achievements they have not delivered, particularly that they have frozen council tax, when they have instead loaded charges on to the services we depend on, at point of to read more.

Hedge End South

Southampton born and Hedge End resident for the past 25 years. Now retired (underwriter), so I can dedicate my time to wildlife conservation. Locally this means my garden, volunteering for Hedge End Conservation Volunteers, and promoting Friends of Wildern Nature Park (Facebook) to engage with people in the community who also have a desire to see protection and enhancement of the area for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

Where do I stand on the Labour political spectrum? Whilst I am in favour of a broad church socialist movement, my colours are firmly pinned to the Corbyn mast - because he is a man of integrity and principles that I support. He represents a break from the past, meaning the neoliberalism of New Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will to read more.

Keith Day

My name is Betty Lou Layland. I am a Hedge End resident of 45 years.

I started life with my family in rented Council owned property. As a young adult I worked in a London Stockbrokers with a high salary. Once my marriage broke down I stayed at home, coping as a one parent family with 2 young sons. The benefit system saw us through and we felt secure. Whilst my sons were doing “A “and “O” level exams I trained for my Social Work degree. I remained single, working for 16 years as a Social Worker in all Client Groups until I retired.

I have voted Labour all my life.

My belief is that Change is to read more.

West End North

My priorities as a councillor would be cleaner air, better public transport and for housing to meet local need.

I would work for a housing programme for our community, not for Buy to Let, not for Buy to Leave investors and not exclusively for wealthy people. Local housing is being shaped and manipulated by profit driven developers. This must change. We need the right houses in the right place.

I will aim to promote a cutting edge, more comfortable, faster and an integrated bus system. Buses with more environmental engines. West End needs a service that will result in fewer cars to read more.

West End South

I am Stephen Willoughby and I am your Labour candidate for Eastleigh Borough Council in West End South. I have lived in West End for almost 3 years, having been in Southampton since 2000 and I work locally in the IT industry.

I have always been interested in politics, coming from a family where political discussions are frequently had around the dinner table and was inspired to join the Labour party following the unexpected result of last year’s General Election for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

I care passionately about the environment and if elected will push for more recycling so that as little as possible is sent to landfill.

I also want to improve to read more.

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