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The Eastleigh Town branch is made up of three wards – Eastleigh North, Central, and South. Within the branch we have the potential for nine borough councillors all currently held by Liberal Democrats and two county councillors both currently held by UKIP, hence all target seats for Labour. This area comprises approximately 11,500 households which reflect a very diverse population.

Recently, we have had a surge in the number of new members bringing the total to over 200 which gives us an exciting opportunity to challenge the complacency of the Lib Dem stronghold. As Socialists we are strongly supportive of the welfare state in health, housing and education and of increasing responsibilities for the state in counteracting the increasing inequalities in our society and the hardship caused to vulnerable groups from austerity and the subsequent squeeze on benefits. We are wholly supportive of refugees and immigrants within our community. Working hand in hand with trade unionists supporting workers rights we have a long history of fighting for social justice both nationally and locally.

Our branch meets on the second Thursday of each month at our offices on 69 Leigh Road, except for June, August and December when we hold social events. We also meet informally in various public venues throughout the year which will be advertised on the website or by visiting our Facebook page. We are an informal, friendly and diverse group looking to support and unite all members of our community. Please contact us should you have any concerns within our community or if you think we can help in any way.



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Your Local Campaigners

Please find below you local campaigner for the Eastleigh Town area.


Town Branch Chair

Name: Jill Payne

About Me:

I have lived and worked in central Eastleigh for the last 11 years. I live with my partner and have two adult sons. I work full time as a cashier at one of the banks in Eastleigh where I am also a Unite Workplace Representative. I was previously a Labour Party member when I lived in London and actively campaigned for them during the eighties. I re-joined locally after the Conservative win at the last General Election.

As a socialist I am appalled by the decline of our welfare state in all areas of health, housing and education and the recent implementation of austerity by the Conservative government since the financial crash. I believe that these policies have seen a transfer of wealth - from the poor to the rich - through privatisations and taxation/benefit changes; and a direct transfer of debt - from the state to the individual - as with university fees.

Nationally I am a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and of socialist policies for a fairer society and a redistribution of wealth through increased taxation on those most able to pay. Locally I am working hard with my labour colleagues to get Labour represented at council level in order to celebrate and unite our increasingly diverse community and to promote social justice and environmental issues in all areas of local policy making.


Constituency Vice Chair

Name: Phil Baker

About Me:

I joined the Labour Party in September 2015, after the election of Jeremy Corbyn. Since then I have become an active campaigner locally against Library and Children centre cuts. I was delighted to be elected as Vice Chair of Eastleigh Constituency Labour Party in May 2016. I am a physics graduate and work locally as a research scientist.

The four most important issues for me are Health, Homes, Jobs and Education. Everyone has the right to a free comprehensive education, first class medical provision free at the point of delivery, a safe place to live and a decent job with a fair wage. In our extremely competitive global economy it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that its citizens have access to these basics needs. While the private sector is important for the creation of jobs, some services like public transport and mail delivery can only be fairly provided in the public sector. Climate change can only be tackled by government intervention. Workers rights should be protected by the promotion of trade unions and a real living wage for all. Only a party run and financed by working class members has the incentive to deliver these types of socialist policies.



Name: Ted White

About Me:

Labour Party member for over 60 years, active in South London. (Woolwich London SE18) will always be starting point for me it was politics was in the raw. Woolwich had two constituencies Woolwich East a Labour stronghold, and Woolwich West (Eltham). As a 17 year old I was active in the party when Ernie Bevan became the MP for Woolwich East, followed by Chris Mayhew all legends in the party.

The Labour candidate John Silkin for Woolwich West in 1951 was married to a famous 1950s film star Rosamond John and to have in those days a famous film star visiting our campaign HQ was quite an occasion, after a very bruising campaign he was not successful which made a grown man cry "my father" after Labour lost the election that year.

Labour MP Bill Hamling won the Woolwich West seat 1964. I well remember Bill having lost consecutive elections in 1955 and 1959 sitting on the steps of Woolwich town hall relating to me that he was finished with standing again, I said don't give it another go, and in 1964 he won the seat for Labour. The ironic thing was I moved into Eastleigh in that year and I never did get the opportunity to be there for his victory.

I was elected as a Labour Councilor in the late seventies for North Ward, serving for around 8 years, in those days you were expected to be proactive by the leader of the council, facing the electorate at public meetings called on many issues of concern. The difference then being the councillors actually instituted the meetings and took the flak, no officials in those days to hold your hand you were on your own. I was elected to the national executive of the shopworkers union USDAW in the 1980s, took on the might of J Sainsbury on behalf of the retail workers and now it seems they have a very active union membership nationally. In those days anyone who dared to recruit staff into a union were threatened and certainly a marked man, which was even more eventful if you were in the lower echelons of management like myself.

My main concern is about the NHS we must protect this jewel in the crown of the Labour movement, the other is the realisation that the Labour Party is going through a traumatic turmoil we simply have to pull together and get behind the leader of our party Jeremy Corbyn.


Membership & Town Branch Secretary

Name: Maggie Ashton

About Me:

I grew up in a pit village in County Durham where nearly everyone voted Labour as a matter of course. My grandads were miners and very strong union men. Fairness, decency, a strong community spirit were part of everyday life. We looked out for each other - something which seems to be lacking today. Even as late as the 1984 miners’ strike, I can remember my mother, then a pensioner, taking foodstuffs round to a young family where the dad was on strike - ‘just to help them out’. She did not even know the family that well. Union payments were not enough to help families manage, and we all know what Maggie Thatcher’s government thought of the miners. I have voted Labour all my life and joined a union (NATFHE) once I started work, eventually becoming a rep. I taught locally for 25 years and educated my students as well as I could about politics, Welfare State and inequality.

I joined the Labour Party in 2015 after the election and am a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. He stands for all the old virtues of honesty, decency and fairness for all. Having a Labour government seems to be the only way to bring back those values. The Press has poisoned the minds of so much of the population against poor people, the disabled, the unemployed and immigrants that we will have to campaign hard to win back trust for the Party and therefore the people who are genuinely struggling. I want to see decent housing for everyone, to rent and to buy, smaller class sizes in schools, free access to healthcare and appropriate benefits for those who need them.

Both the Lib Dems locally and the Conservatives nationally have seen people in Eastleigh go without council housing, appropriate accommodation for disabled people, proper planning of roads, housing, infrastructure, transport, social care in the community. We are prepared to work hard to restore Eastleigh to the community that it used to be. Come and join us.


Contact Us

There are many ways to contact the Eastleigh Town Branch. Please find our contact details as follows:

ECLP Town Branch
69 Leigh Road,
SO50 9DF



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